What does a welding robot cost? Let us answer your questions

A welding robot is a solution, that for the majority of companies is a larger investment than other day-to-day purchases. This is why it makes a lot of sense, to conduct a thorough market research to find the best solution. Unfortunately, there isn't necessarily a one-size-fits-all price. Prices are adjusted to every customer individually depending on their needs and wishes. This is why we encourage you to contact us, to make sure your solution comes as close to your expectations as possible.

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What is included in the RBCobot package?

High-quality and reliable components

RBCobots are thoroughly comprised of products from select manufacturers. Even though most needs can be accomodated, these are the products that we stand behind one-hundred percent. This is true for the robotic arm from Universal Robots, the high-quality welding machines from Böhler and the welding torches from Dinse.

It is furthermore possible to acquire a turntable, a protective cover for the teach pendant amongst other products.

The standard setup looks like this:

URCap Software

Integration between the welding machine and the robot

The unique URCap controls the robotic arms movements in close conjunction with the welding machine. We have made the interface as easy as possible, whereas almost everybody can learn to program the welding robot, regardless of prior experience with robots.


Universal Robots UR10e or UR5e

The welding robot is constructed around Universal Robots collaborative robotic arm UR10e or UR5e. The robotic arm does not require any safety precautions, and can be used in most situations.

Welding machines

Power supplies from Böhler

RBCobots are shipped with high-quality welding machines in their standard configurations. The power supplies from Voestalpine Böhler are synonymous with high quality and welding results without compromises.

Welding torches

Dinse svejsebrændere Dinse welding torches

An RBCobots come with welding torches with a 2-circuit cooling system and direct cooling on the torch head from Dinse.

Welding table

Solid welding tables from Siegmund

The welding robots from Uniwelco come with Siegmund 2000 x 10000 mm. System16 welding tables. These are not the only ones available however, and most configurations can be made.


Halt and initiate operation

RBCobots are shipped with up to two controlboxes, which inititate and stop processes.

Visual status indicator

The status indicator shows the state

The visual status indicator makes it easy to see what the current status of the welding robot is. 

Welding hose

Hose package from Dinse

Water cooled METZ 600 SAZ hose package from Dinse

Let us help you find the right solution for you

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Rent, leasing etc.

We can offer financing, short-term leasing with buyout options and ordinary leasing. Contact us to learn more about your options.


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