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UR+ Certification

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Learn more about what it means that Uniwelco's welding cobots have received a UR+ certification


UR+ ensures the quality of third part add-ons for the welding robot

The RBCobots from Uniwelco have become UR+ certified. This means, that end-users will get products that have been evaluated and approved by the robot manufacturer, namely Universal Robots.

A UR+ certification is given to companies, that successfully integrate UR's robots in a stabile and proper way with add-ons that benefit the user experience. The welding robots from Uniwelco meet these criteria, as focus has been to make user friendly products from day one. Additionally, the product is constantly evolving and we receive user feedback to improve our products.

With this certification Universal Robots recognizes, that Uniwelco meets the requirements for all the UR+ products in their portfolio. Simultaneously, the certification recommends full utilization of the robot and software integration, in order to get the most out of the investment.

Complete Welding Robot Kit for MIG/MAG and TIG-welding

RBCobot is a completely ready-to-go welding solution, that can quickly deliver increases in production and general efficiency.

A standard-configuration includes: URCap-software, kit-box and various other accessories.

UR+ Certificeret MIG Svejserobot


Welding robot kit for MIG/MAG welding.

UR+ Certificeret TIG Svejserobot


Welding robot kit for TIG welding.


Frequently asked questions regarding a UR+

What does the certification mean for customers?

The certification is a recognition of the efforts made by Uniwelco, in order to integrate the RBCobot within the provided boundries of Universal Robots. This means, that customers can rest assured knowing, that the third party integration is developed in close collaboration with Universal Robots.

Who can receive a UR+ certication?

All third-party integrators that go through the same meticulous process, that ensures the quality of the add-ons.

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