The URCap is RBCobot's proprietary software which integrates the UR robotic arm and the welding machine. It works like an app, which tells the robot what to do.

Teachpendant 2 Uden RB

RBCobot's brain

The URCap is the unique piece of software that controls the welding robot. The URCap works for RBCobot in the same way as an app works for a smart phone.  

RBCobot's URCap is designed in a way the makes it easy even for the unexperienced to programe the welding robot for the jobs you need. Our ongoing in-house development of the URCap happens in close relation to our customers. This makes it possible to constantly adjust the software to our customers' needs and level of experience.

Teachpendant uden RB
URCap on Universal Robots Teach Pendant from the bottom

The URCap works with a physical button 

RBCobot's URCap stands out due to the fact that it is integrated with two physical buttons on the torch. One of the buttons releases the robot and makes it easy to position and the other button confirms the position. The confirmation button communicates with the URCap and makes setup of the welding programme way more effective and intuitive. 

When the robot is programmed, different points - the so-called waypoints - are defined. This is done with a single press in the interface (URCap) and then you can make infinite points by using the physical button. This results in a major reduction of settings to be considered compared to controlling everything from the software. 

RBCobot welding torch

Learn to speak robotish 

RBCobot is build on the base of Universal Robots' robotic arm. To ensure that we are all on the same page RBCobot's URCap uses the same robot terms as Universal Robots.

We have made instruction videos, to help you get to know your RBCobot even better, and get insights of all the possiblities you get with a robot from us. 

We always recommend our costumers, to look through our videos the day before we install the robot.   

More geekiness? 

Would you like to know more about the details of RBCobot's construction or the URCap? Then our software developers will be happy to share more details.


An overview of the robot

Click below to get more information of RBCobots and its individual parts. 

RBCobot tig welding robot setup