Get to know the RBCobot

On this page, we will demonstrate how to use RBCobots for welding.


Examples of a collaborative robot welder

On this page we have collected a number of videoes, demonstrating how to complete the most common jobs with the welding robot RBCobot. The videos are supported by a live view of the URCAP, which means you can follow along during the instructions.

To translate the spoken instructions, please enable subtitles in the YouTube player and translate them into your preferred language.

We will demonstrate:

  • How to make an edge stitch
  • How to make edge stitching with weaving
  • How to weld a circle
  • How to weld a circle with weaving

How to turn on the RBCobot

Startup and initialization of the welding robot RBCobot

How to make edge stiches with RBCobot

How to make edge stitches with weaving with RBCobot

How weld circles with the RBCobot

 Welding circles with weaving on RBCobot

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