A rotator can be a great advantage when welding many round pieces. The rotator is can be installed anywhere on the RBCobots welding table. 

Turntable for welding robot
Turntable on welding table

Fully integrated with the URCap

RBCobot has the specialised option of choosing a rotator as an extra feature for the welding setup. The rotator is customised for RBCobots and ensures optimal welding on round workpieces. 

  • Fully integrated with the URCap
  • Rotates and welds at the same time
  • Can also be used as a manipulator to turn the workpiece around
  • Based on Mechanical-Type encoder 
  • With 30mm centre through the rotator 

Details about the rotator


The rotator weighs 35 kgs.

Max load:

Up to 10 kgs.

Magnetic break:

Fixates the workpiece during malfunction.

Ground connection:

Rotatable welding current transmission for loads up to 400A.


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