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The UNIWELCO cell gives you completely new possibilities.

The cell allows you to optimize the welding process so that the speed approaches the traditional industrial robots. With THE UNIWELCO CELL, the welding robot's potential is fully exploited. 


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Incorporate your best welding skills in RBCobot and experience its many advantages 

Would you like...

1 (9)Increased capacity for more orders


1 (9)Nice and uniform welding results
1 (9)Optimal ROI of skilled workers?
1 (9)Improved work environment?

RBCobot is...

1 (3)Fast and efficient welding
1 (3)High quality
1 (3)Innovative and easy to use
1 (3)Work safety
  • Fast and efficient welding

  • High quality

  • Innovative and easy to use

  • Work safety

Optimised duration of esablished arc creates faster welding

RBCobot is a collaborative welding robot based on a robotic arm from Universal Robots together with our proprietary software, which together increases the effective welding time by up to 60%.

Cobot welding with RBCobot makes it possible to increase production capacity and release valueable time for the operator. 

Welding results of the best quality

RBCobot is welding faster than a manual welding process with an accuracy repitition of 0,1 mm. Det ensures uniform seam welding and high quality - every time.

We are proud to say that RBCobot still hasn't faced a welding task that I has not been able to solve. If you would like to how RBCobot can work on your specific welding jobs we can execute a test welding on your workpieces before you decide to buy. 

High usability

Our specially developed RBCobot software is designed in a way that makes it possible for everyone to operate the robot. RBCobot is controlled by a URCap which compares to a smart phone app. The URCap makes it easy and intuitive to programme the robot. 

The URCap remembers the programming which makes way for quick shifts between welding pieces during the day. 

The collaborative robot

RBCobot is a collaborative robot - a cobot - designed to work with humans. Therefore, RBCobot requires no safety equipment. The cobot has a sensor making it stop automatically when meeting any resistance. 

RBCobot is taking the heavy duty off the operator by taking care of repititions and hereby creates a better work environment.

Welding robot welding

How RBCobots works

With the innovative welding robot RBCobot you are able to combine your team's exixting welding skills with the efficiency and precision of the robot. Learn more about your new co-worker here. 


When the newest co-worker is a robot

"An order costs 3,000 man hours to produce manually which is also very hard work for our coworkers. With an RBCobot this goes way faster: The production time is reduced to what equals 1,700 man hours - meaning a reduction of more than 40 percent.“

" One of the major advantages of an RBCobot is that we don't need to establish a lot of expensive safety equipment around the robot. The safety is built-in making it take up way less space than traditional robots."

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